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We would like to hear from you, we welcome your comments about your party, about using the Party Jockey Systems and also how we may improve our services to you. You may also send your comments and testimonials. Your name will appear only as initials.

"My party was a blast and the Karaoke Machine was delivery on time, which made it very convenient for me, as I did not really have time to go get it or to set it up. We had the best party every - You guys rock .. Fantastic service!"

~ Cindy L., Santa Barbara, CA

"I would highly recommend Best Karaoke for any corporate event because our event turned out to be more fun than we could have imagined. Great Service, a large song selection, top-notch equipment and it sounded great."

~ David C., Goleta, CA

"The Party Jockey Karaoke machine was so easy to use, I just punched in the song number and our party started and singing began. We were so pleased not to have to use any CDs or tapes. My guests sang during the entire party and it was a huge success, Thanks."

~ Susan B., Hope Ranch, CA

"My Birthday Party was very successful and we had a lot of fun once we started using the Party Jockey Karaoke Machine provided by Best Karaoke Rentals. The machine was easy to use and it was a big hit. We couldn’t believe all of the real good hidden talent we had deep within our friends and family."

~ Joseph W., Santa Barbara, CA

"My party was a big hit, everybody got into the spirit and had fun after just one drink, some guests couldn’t be torn away from the Party Jockey. Thanks for your helpful service and for delivering the system."

~ Jena W., Santa Barbara, CA

"I want to thank you for delivering the rented Karaoke Machine for my anniversary party, as it turned out to be a big smash hit. The service was wonderful and the machine music worked great, now with the 11,000 songs built-in. It provided endless entertainment for everyone, even our hard core karaoke fans were pleased with the music selection and sound system."

~ Jeff L., Carpinteria, CA

"I was really impressed by the ease of use and the big song library. Thanks for your many expert suggestions to help us get our party started, they really worked. We were pleased with how easy it was to use and our friends said it was the best party ever, thanks again."

~ Richard B., Santa Barbara, CA

"Many thanks to the guys at Best Karaoke Rentals for suggesting to me how easy it would be for us to add Karaoke to our rather large Family Reunion celebration that we had. We also used the machine for a PA system during all of our outside sports events and games. I was surprised at how much fun all the kids had with the Karaoke Machine. They started using the machine even before we had planned to start using it."

~ Tony D., Santa Ynez, CA

"When I first rented a Party Jockey, I wasn’t sure if I could be a host for a Karaoke Party. But after your staff came to my home, set-up the system and gave me the specific instructions, my confidence was reinstated and my party started without a hitch. Some of us stayed up all night (no names) just trying to get through all the music provided. Thanks for your great service, best party ever. The Ultimate Party Jockey Machine rocks."

~ Shannon D., Santa Barbara, CA

"Thanks guys, your machine and music was the bomb. We had more fun that night than we can remember having in a long time, Party on."

~ James H., Santa Barbara, CA

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